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Our attempt here is to bring to you interesting cured cases treated by stalwarts, contemporary teachers and our homeopathic fraternity.

Sr. No.Case TitleAuthorRemedy
1Case of Asthma & URTIDr. Parinaz HumranwalaCarcinocin
2Cases for Perceiving Different World of Hyperactive ChildrenDr. Satish GalaOffea, Lyssin, Merc sol
3Case of Bronchial AsthmaDr. Nimish MehtaCenchris
4Case of Cornelia de langue SyndromeDr. Jawahar ShahMedorrhinum
5Case of Atopic DermatitisDr. Medha DurgeCalcarea Carb
6Case of MalariaDr. Farokh MasterNatrum Mur
7Process of Birth - Labor & Child BirthDr. Abhay TalwalkarCarbon Series
8Case of EnuresisDr. Anwar Amir AnsariMedorrhinum
9Case of FeverDr. Kishore MehtaSecale Cor
10Case of Recurrent AbortionsDr. D. P. RastogiCalarea Carb
11Case of Acute Glomerulo NephritisDr. Biswjit BasuCalcarea Carb
12Case of Aplastic anemiaDr. Kokila MataniNatrm Mur
13Case of PainDr. Sunil AnandCrotalus Cascavella
14Case of VitiligoDr. Preeti SehgalBelladona
15Case of SchizophreniaDr. Jawahar ShahCalcarea Carb
16Case of Chronic FeverDr. Prem SharmaCocculus Indicus
17Case of DysuriaDr. Ajit KulkarniAristolochia Clematis
18Case of Meniere-s DisesaeDr. Sunil AnandAurum Met
19Case of ToothacheDr. D. P. RastogiStaphysagria
20Case of Alopecia and Dibetes MDr. Anil BhatiaLachesis
21Case of Disruptive Behavioural Disorder and Alopecia AreataDr. Jawahar ShahAnacardium orientale
22Case of Swelling Around EyesDr. A. Kannan & Dr. Jyothi KannanBelladona
23Case of Renal StonesDr. Ellis Barer J.Belladona
24Case of Eczyma and EosonophiliaDr. I. C. BawadekarSulphur
25Case of Varicose UlcersDr. D. P. RastogiCarbo. Veg.
26Case of intermittant explosive personality disorderDr. Manoj PatelTarentula
27Case of Diabetic FootDr. Prabhakar ShettyArsenic alb
28Case of PsoriasisFriend of HomeopathySepia