Quote of the Day

Proved right should be capable of being vindicated by right means as against the rude i.e. sanguinary means. Man may and should shed his own blood for establishing what he considers to be his right. He may not shad the blood of his opponent who disputes h
- Mahatma Gandhi

Cases of Masters

An interesting insight - an opportunity to learn how the masters approached their cases in their practice.

Sr. No.Case TitleAuthorRemedy
1Abdominal pain and tumor suspicionKentMurex
2Adenoids cured with tuberculinumKentTuberculinum
3A serious caseKentCalcarea Carbonicum
4Cardiac PatientKentPulsatilla, Psorinum, Naja
5ChillsKentRhus Tox
6Dysmenorrhoea IIIKentBorax
8Gall Stone ColicKentNatrum Sulphuricum
9Ulcer on LegKentPulsatilla
10Urticaria appearing annuallyKentRhus Tox
11Abscess on FaceKentTarentula Cubensis
12PneumoniaKentAconite or Sulphur
13Tubercular history, love and mental ability revivedKentTuberculinum bovinum
14Chronic ArthritisKentLycopodium and Rhus Tox
15Gastric DisturbancesKentPhosphorus
16Exophthalmic GoiterKentLycopus
18Double PneumoniaKentKali Sulph
19Ring WormKentHelleborus
20Whisky drinking, etc.KentSarsaparilla
23Uterine HemorrhageKentCalcarea Carbonica
24DysmenorrhoeaKentLapis alba
25A Cardiac PatientKentNaja