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Clinical Tips
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ABROTANUM has a reputation for hydrocele in children; this we have rapidly cured before now with RHODODENDRON.

Dr. M.L.Tyler, M.D.

Inflammatory stricture in rectum: BORAX.

Dr. M.L.Tyler, M.D.
Calc. phos

It is highly recommended by Drs.Cooper, Clifton & others and many others as the most efficacious remedy in adenoid vegetations. And in connection with it give THUJA 30 twice a week.

Dr. Cooper; Dr.Clifton

DIOSCOREA is excellent for what we may term atonic seminal emissions. The organs are so relaxed that 2 or 3 dreams with emissions of semen occur in a single night. The day following the emissions, the patient feels weak, particularly about the knees. In these cases, I know of no remedy like DIOSCOREA. I usually give it in the 12th potency and afterwards in the 30th.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.

According to Dr. J.C.Fahnestock, ECHINACEA is the great remedy for tired feeling.

Dr. E.P.Anshutz
Formic acid

In chronic nephritis, we cannot claim a great amount of success. Where other remedies fail or cannot be discovered, we may take Solomon-s advice and go to the ant, i.e.,FORMIC ACID.

Dr. Dudgeon

The cramps that often attack men who write much (writer's cramp), piano players or any others who use only one small set of muscles, will generally yield to a dose or two a day of GELSEMIUM 3.

Dr. E.P.Anshutz

HAMAMELIS is the preferable drug in varicose veins unless constitutional symptoms call for PULSATILLA especially in the case of varicocele. Varicocele has been cured by HAMAMELIS, applied externally and taken internally.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.

The action of IGNATIA is quick, while its duration is short. The best time for its administration is morning. If administered shortly before bedtime, it is apt to produce restless sleep.

Dr. K.C.Bhanja
Kali brom

I know of no remedy of such universal usefulness in cases of simple acne as KALI BROMATUM 30.

Dr. J.H.Clarke, M.D
Lac caninum

If diphtheria be in the neighbourhood, as a prophylactic, give LAC. CAN. 900C 1dose 3 nights in succession. DIPHTHERINUM also is effective, used in the same manner.

Dr. T.K.Moore, M.D.

Often restores a gonorrhoeal discharge and thereby cures the complaints which are of sycotic origin. Think of the remedy in all cases of suppressed gonorrhoea either in the patients or in one or both of their parents. In acute cases of gonorrhoea or rheumatism, the administration of a single dose of the remedy brings about terrible aggravation, and, therefore, it must not be used to combat these conditions in their acute stages. Nothing lower than the 200th potency should be used. It hardly requires repetition.

Dr. K.C.Bhanja

It is the frequently exacerbating fever, with creeping chills and copious perspiration after the heat, which points to MERCURY.

Dr. Boehr
Naja tripudians

After the sneezing stage, and asthmatic trouble remaining, where all other medicines fail to touch and had been useless, NAJA cures.

Dr. M. Preston

The condition which most frequently calls for OPIUM is paralytic ileus after an abdominal section. There is a loop of bowel which is completely paralysed, accompanied by reversed peristalsis and the pumping of bile back into the stomach. The patient is horribly sick and brings up masses of bile stained, rather foul smelling vomit and has an extreme sensation of abdominal distension. I think that is the commonest condition in which OPIUM is most useful. Incidentally, it is very interesting that in the majority of cases in which you get a paralytic ileus, you find there is a history that OPIUM or one of its derivatives has been given before or after operation.

Dr. D.M.Borland, M.B.,Ch.B.

It is dangerous to give PHOSPHORUS in high potencies to patients with advanced tuberculosis, as it may start a haemorrhage that may prove fatal. Hence, keep low : 12 or 30.

Dr. M.L.Tyler, M.D.

The best treatment I know for it homoeopathically is a remedy highly praised by Dr. Burnett, this is PILOCARPINE which when given in the 6th dilution, two or three times daily reduces the temperature in 24 to 48 to 72 hours, so that before the week is out, the parotid gland is normal again. PILOCARPINE is almost a specific for mumps and acts as an organ remedy on the parotid and sweat glands.

Dr. Dorothy Shepherd, M.D.
Rhus tox

For lumbago it is the remedy whether the patient is better by motion or not.

Dr. Farrington, M.D.

In misplacement of uterus,whether from prolapse, anteversion or anteflexion, SEPIA will in most cases restore it to normal position; So great is my confidence in recent cases that I never resort to manipulations.

Dr. Mercy
Tarentula cubensis

TARENTULA CUBENSIS is my standby in any abscess where there is severe pain. I formerly thought I had a wonderful remedy for such conditions in ARSENICUM and ANTHRACINUM, but I have found TARENTULA CUBENSIS in the 30th potency does much better.

Dr. Benthack
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