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An innovative way to remember the salient features of the remedies. These charts will imprint on your mind the essence of remedy, helping you to use them effectively in practice.

Androctonus Amurreuxi HebraeusView Charts View Writeup


Androctonus is one of the well proved remedies from the Scorpion Group.
Androctonus is predominantly a right sided remedy and a good one for panic attacks, neuralgias, menopausal syndrome, urinary tract infection, etc. Some of the key features of this remedy include Competition, Manipulation, Destructiveness, Mischievousness, Suspiciousness and Quickness to act. Changeability and prevailing sense of duality is a predominant feature of this scorpion remedy - the patient's nature oscillates between feeling like an angel and a devil alternately.

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PythonView Charts


Python is one the very good remedies for obesity and ravenous appetite. This can be directly linked to the nature of the snake itself wherein it is a bulky, lethargic, sluggish creature which tends to become slow and indolent after it has swallowed its prey whole. Python patients typically complain of a sensation of sling around the neck which compresses the throat. Symptoms travel from right to left and are frequently accompanied by icy coldness of the nose, feet and hands.

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