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THUJA leads all medicines for symptoms coming from suppressed fig-warts.

Dr. J.T. Kent, M.D.

Always keep TUBERCULINUM in mind when treating sore throats, with frequent tonsillitis and enlarged tonsils.

Dr. T.K.Moore, M.D.

Effective in chronic nose bleed even when the condition is life long.

Dr. M.L.Tyler, M.D.
Viscum album

In a failing cardiac compensation, as a palliative atleast, with distressing dyspnoea or even orthopnoea, worse whenever the patient attempts to lie upon the left side, the mistletoe VISCUM ALBUM will do excellent work.

Dr. R.F.Rabe, M.D.

Bleeding in cases that have had cancerous cysts removed surgically in women: XANTHOXYLUM.

Dr. Faris, M.D.
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