Hahnemann was impressed, by Lord Francis Bacon's book " Novum Organon" which means "new literary work". The book laid emphasis on logic. He was the first person to talk about inductive and deductive logic. Prior to this, a person with good oratory/ elocution skills could win an argument/debate and establish himself as a logical person. This would occur irrespective of the fact that others could not replicate his conclusion. This is exactly what happened during the dark ages when Galen's teachings were propagated for nearly 1400 years.

Lord Francis Bacon was of the opinion that application of logic, inductive and deductive, would serve as an instrument to investigate, any phenomenon, scientifically. The book was also written in an aphoristic style, which impressed Hahnemann further. So both; the method of thinking and the method of writing were applied by Hahnemann in this book, to explain the rationale of healing art. Therefore, sometimes the word, 'organon" is used as a tool of scientific investigation.