Centisimal & Decimal Scale
Trituration and Succussion
Fifty Millesimal scale
(Modified Techniques)
Scope of Homeopathy
Introduction of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a science and art of preparing drugs. It includes collecting, identifying, preparing, preserving, evaluating, standardizing and dispensing of medicine. It also incorporates the knowledge of medicines, the art of compounding, dispensing and proper distribution of medicines. It has been derived from the Greek word pharmacon, which means 'a drug, a medicine, remedy'. The study of pharmacy includes the study of the theories and exercise of the operations necessary to the intelligent preparation and dispensing of substances used in the healing art.

Homeopathic Pharmacy stands unique and special as it is based on a philosophical background and a scientific application. Hence Homeopathic pharmacy is both an art and a science.

It deals with a specialized system of art and science having uniqueness in its mode of preparation, administration and modus operandi. Homeopathy is based on holistic and individualistic approach of disease and this principle also holds true for Homeopathic pharmacy that takes care to preserve the individual nature of the remedial agents.