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Our attempt here is to bring to you interesting cured cases treated by stalwarts, contemporary teachers and our homeopathic fraternity.

Latest Cases *
Sr. No. Case Title Author Remedy
1Case of Anxiety NeurosisSr. Anil BhatiaHydrocyanic acid 30
2Case of NeckpainDr. Yogesh SehgalBryonia
3Case of ConstipationDr. Bernard AschnerNatrum mur
4Case of Polycystic Ovarian TumourDr. S. M. SinghLilium tigrinum
* Regular weekly updates
Cases of Masters

An interesting insight - an opportunity to learn how the masters approached their cases in their practice.

Latest Cases
Sr. No. Case Title Author Remedy
1Abdominal TumorKentLycopodium
2Rheumatism Ankle & KneeKentAbrotanum
3Chronic DisordersKentSulphur
4Cicatrix removed with medicinesKentCalcarea Carbonica
5Rheumatic PatientKentGuaiacum
* Regular weekly updates